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New Beginnings Alumni

Association Celebrating 20 years!




Come to an event with the
New Beginnings Alumni Members


Feb 5 Alumni Speaker Event 6:00*
March 5 Alumni Speaker Event 6:00*
March 19 12 Step Workshop 1-4:00*
April 2 Alumni Speaker Event 6:00*
May 7 Alumni Speaker Event 6:00*
May 14 12 Step Workshop 1-4:00*
May 21 Bicycle Run 10:00am
May 27-29 Gopher State Roundup-Alumni Hospitality Suite-2nd floor  
June 4 Alumni Speaker Event 6:00*
June 11 Bicycle Run 10:00am
June 18 Mille Lacs Fishing Tournament 5:00
July 23 Bicycle Run 10:00am
Aug 6 Alumni Speaker Event 6:00*
Aug 13 Golf Tournament 1:00
Aug 20 Bicycle Run 10:00am
Sept 3 Alumni Speaker Event 6:00*
Sept 18 Motorcycle Run 10:30am
Sept 24 Walk For Recovery St Cloud 9:30am
Oct 1 Alumni Speaker Event 6:00*
Oct 15 12 Step Workshop  1:00-4:00
Nov 5 Alumni Speaker Event 6:00*
Dec 3 Speaker Event 6:00*
*These  are a Zoom meeting until further notice  

                           2022 ALUMNI BOARD MEMBERS

President Lisa S
Vice President         
Secretary Jackie S.
Treasurer Bob B.
Fundraising Derrick H & Bob B
Communications Traci D
Alumni Speaker Dinner Cory & Mark
Speaker Coordinator Bob B.
Merchandise Mariah H.


Questions call:  763-658-5800 Ext: 1512  speak with Alumni Coordinator Peggy for all details on events.  We will post new events once we are cleared to be back on site.


Visit our Facebook page: New Beginnings Alumni Association to see all the details on the 2022 events and to sign up!  We look forward to an exciting year celebrating recovery!